Online LuiTennis Technical Analysis

Get your technique professionally analysed here!


Have you always wanted your technique professionally analysed but don’t have a local tennis coach nearby or have the time to take lessons??

No problem – Send a video in and I can help you out!

The cost for each stroke to be analysed is $50 AUD i.e. Forehand – $50

After you have filmed your stroke, this is what you need to do next:

  1. Tell me what you would like to improve e.g. more power, consistency or spin etc
  2. Video your stroke for 30 sec from the side, front and back
  3. Ensure your video file size is no more than 25 MB in total:

Upload your video file to Dropbox or WeTransfer ( and email the link to me at

What will you receive?

  • Analysis of the stroke technique
  • Suggestions on how to achieve the desired change
  • Drills to practice/implement the change
  • Opportunity to ask follow-up questions via email


Once your video and payment have been received, you will receive your analysis and drills within 3-5 business days.